EBAE – Rising Star

Hydro-Fischlift – an innovative ecological migration system for high elevation differences at hydropower plants


Pictures: European Business Awards for the Environment Awards Ceremony 


The Hydro fish lift is an innovative system for the migration of fish in rivers. The system only uses hydropower. The innovation is patented in multiple european countries.

The energetic use of rivers interrupts the natural swimming paths of fish. Thus the reproduction of fish is affected. For low altitudes fish ladders are the state of the art solution. However, this solution is not applicable for high altitudes and locations with very limited space. Whereas the Hydro fish lift covers these aspects and thus preserves the (natural) migration for all aquatic creatures.

My company is located in the hydropower sector and we produce various components for hydropower plants.

We identified and analysed the issue of the interruption of the swimming paths of fish and found a completely new solution for this matter. Four years of research validate the success of our system.